Monday, 12 July 2010

A piece of me ... in July 2010

This month...

I like: the way you can find almost anything on YouTube. Big thanks to the people who spend time uploading videos for the enjoyment of others - particularly one person who has uploaded the 1st 4 series of Greys Anatomy!

I don't like: it feels like the teenage years are starting ... 10 years too early!

I want you to know: I've planned: to organise my craft supplies and utility room

I want to say to someone special: See you soon!

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Bloggers Book Club Review: The Children's Book, by AS Byatt

Well, I have finally admitted defeat. I just couldn't do it. It's not that I didn't enjoy this book, I just found it incredibly wordy and over-descriptive. I should say that I did give up at an early stage of the book, which is very unlike me, but it was taking so long to read that I could only read a few pages at a time. I liked the idea of the story, but I was bogged down by the incredibly lengthy words, many of which were completely alien to me. I figured if I was really going to "get" the story I was going to have to invest in a dictionary! I was constantly forgetting who was who, and it really hindered my enjoyment of the book.

So I will be keeping it on my bookshelf for now, in the off-chance that I'll have time at some stage to get into it properly, but it won't be for a while, as I'm off now to read The Poisonwood Bible !

You can find the other members of the Bloggers Book Club here. Hopefully they will have had more success with The Children's Book!