Sunday, 3 October 2010

Bloggers Book Club Review September : Under The Rainbow, by Mary O'Sulllivan

It's a while since I've read female fiction, I'm not sure why because I really enjoy it, but lately I've been reading a lot of crime fiction from James Patterson and the gang. Anyway, this was a very welcome light relief from all the busyness in my life at the minute.

Three friends from school all return to the place they grew up, each thinking the other has a great life, but all have things bubbling under the surface. In some ways the stories are predictable, but I was guessing about the Carla story for quite a while! I thought the Eoin/Adele/Jodi/Kieran story was a bit unrealistic. Adele was pretty forgiving, whether or not she really liked Eoin - Jodi didn't know at the time that Adele had gone off him.

All in all I liked it, some laughs, some tears, but a book I'll be passing on to my friends who are going on holiday or looking for light relief.

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